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OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK - for drop off and pick up within our open hours

Strictly by appointment only -

We ask that you nominate an exact time on your booking form within these open hours - no different than if you are making an appointment with the GP, hairdresser, accountant etc and appreciate you arriving on time.  

Our open hours are -

Morning's 7:40am to 10am

Afternoon's 2:45pm to 5:30pm

Strictly no pick up or drop off outside of these hours

OFFICE hours: Mon - Sat 9am to 5pm (no Sunday's or outside of these times unless it's an emergency)

This allows us to have one customer arrive at anyone time so that we can provide your dog with the right amount of attention - especially if it is a first timer.  If you are early - we have many wonderful coffee shops in Yarck, stop by one of the local shops, enjoy a coffee and friendly chat until your appointment time.  If you are late - PLEASE let us know at least one hour prior so we can make arrangements.

We take our guests on lots of farm walks, and if we aren't expecting anyone to arrive we may not be at the kennels and out and about on the farm walking dogs. 

We may be in the middle of grooming - between customers we can often slot in dog washes and wouldn't want to be half way though one when you arrive leaving a poor fur friend stuck in the bath.

We cater for aggressive dogs - although your dog may be full of love and life we do cater for those who aren't so much and we really do not want other dogs arriving at the same time to prevent any accidents.

It also allows us to schedule our day - ensuring everyone's dogs are getting the right amount of attention, ensuring our general cleaning duties are up to date which provides your dog with a comfortable environment to stay, allows us to answer all your calls and emails, process future bookings and run the business as well as maintain the beautiful farm your dogs are staying at.

We ask that you keep in mind that we are open 7 days a week.   We also offer dropping off the night before between 4:30pm and 5:30pm at no charge or picking up the next day before 9am at no charge to assist you with ease of dropping off and picking up - both options will not be applied to the same booking, please call to discuss these options.

All inspections, drop off and collection times are by appointment only.  We understand that sometimes situations occur where you can not meet the agreed time and appreciate at least one hours notice to make changes to the arrangements.

If you need to drop off or pick up outside of our open hours we can sometimes arrange this, however an out of hours fee ($40) will apply.


Our facilities will be closed at all other times and gates locked for protection of your pet so you must call to make an appointment time.


We serve raw mince with vegetables and pasta which is preservative, hormone and chemical free alongside the nutritionally beneficial Supercoat dry food range.


Understanding your pet may have special dietary needs, you are welcome to provide your own food; however, this must be clearly labelled with name and be in a sealed container in portion sizes.


We will also treat your best friend to many doggie treats during their stay which are also chemical and preservative free


Want to treat your pooch to a treat during their stay? Then why not book them in for one of our grooming options - 

Bath & Towel Dry - $20 (from)

Bath & Blow Dry - $30 (from)

Flea & Tick Wash - $22 (from)

Nail Trim - $20 (from)

Prices are charged by the size and coat length of your dog.  Above prices are starting prices, ask when booking or at drop off to add a grooming service and we will provide the cost.


All dogs staying over a week are treated to a complimentary bath and towel dry before going home


We have a small range of products available for purchase, in our reception area.

We also sell the mince we feed your dog during their stay  available for purchase in 1kg rolls - if we don't have it fresh in the reception fridge ask one of our friendly staff as we will have frozen sock available.

We also have chicken necks and frames available.

Thanks To -

Dindi Naturals

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