With both of us being brought up with the love for animals in our blood it made the decision to open a boarding kennels establishment 4 years ago an easy one.  Matt was raised on a cattle farm, just up the road in Molesworth, while Kelly has been training and competing her own horses since she was a little girl. This has given us both a broad range of animal knowledge.


We have both owned and been associated with all different breeds of dogs since we were old enough to walk.  Whether it be a cattle dog, a lap dog or a show dog, we treat all your pets with the same love, respect and attention they require. 

We live on our farm 'Pleasant Banks' which is housing 'Country Lodge Kennels' giving your dog the optimum attention they deserve.  Living on the premises allows us more flexibility in the attention your dog needs, allowing for additional exercise, medication to be administered at particular times and the overall safety and care your pet requires during their stay.

We will make your dog feel like 'Country Lodge Kennels' is a home away from home

Kelly has been involved with animals since she was a little girl with her passions being horses and dogs.  
Kelly began competing and training her own horses when she was 12 years of age and still continues to train and compete today.  Being brought up on small farms and surrounded by various breeds of dogs, cats, goats, sheep, cattle etc Kelly has a large range of knowledge across all types of animals.  
Her affection and admiration for any breed of dog sees most dogs running to her for a pat.  

Matt's animal knowledge comes from many years of working the family farm.  Learning the ins and outs of cattle and sheep, the different signs each animal is displaying and how to best utilise the farm dog are just a few elements of farm life that Matt encounters day to day.  Working with many different types of dogs over the years means Matt's has respect and admiration for what each individual breed offers.

Kelly & Matt also have a 3 year old daughter, Georgia, who just loves having all of these fur friends to play with.

We also have amazing staff members who are very knowledgeable and trained by us, who's passion towards dogs and Country Lodge Kennels is demonstrated through the care and dedication they provide.  Our staff will happily assist you with any questions and take great care of your dog/s, giving Kelly, Matt & Georgia a little personal and family time.