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Country Lodge Kennels offers indoor over night pens and outdoor exercise yards catering for small, medium and large dogs.  Temperatures are monitored to ensure your dog is relaxing in the most comfortable of environments with solid dividers separating each dog to allow them their own space and rest without the neighboring dog interrupting them.  Country Lodge Kennels can cater for all shapes, sizes and breeds and can arrange an exercise program suitable to your individual dog.


  • Indoor facilities providing a nice comfortable stay no matter what the conditions are outside.

  • Underfloor hydronic heating - ensuring the facilities are always warm even in the coldest of time.

  • Evaporative Cooling - ensuring your dog is nice and cool in the heat of summer

  • Pens are cleaned daily and disinfected between dogs providing the healthiest of conditions. Outdoor runs and exercise pens are also cleaned daily. 

  • Small, medium & large exercise pens allowing play time, shade, water baths and general time spent with your dog.  All dogs are rotated into the exercise pens each day.  Extra care in matching your dog with a suitable playmate is taken, as the safety of your dog is paramount to us.  If there isn’t a suitable match, don’t worry your dog wont miss out, we have individual exercise pens or we can take your dog on one of our farm walks.

  • Farm walks - for the more energetic dog they will experience a farm walk through the lush paddocks.

  • One on one attention - the young may need extra attention, the old may need a quieter stroll to stretch those legs and the teenagers may need a group to play tug-o-war.  We will prepare a program suitable for your dog.

  •  Security - the safety of your dog is paramount to our business.  We do not let anyone in the kennel facilities without booking an inspection appointment beforehand.  The kennels are separate to the drop off/reception area so your dog is not continually interrupted on their stay.

  • Beds and bedding for the optimum comfort of your dog. Clean bedding will be provided on arrival and will be changed accordingly to ensure your dog has a fresh comfortable sleep each night.

  • Exercise is key to having your dog staying happy during their stay and no additional charges are applied for exercise.  This is all included as part of the service.

  • Although the facility is always a comfortable temperature we do supply dog coats for the cooler nights.  However our underground hydronic heating should ensure your dog has the most comfortable stay.

  • Daily feeding of your dog of our own mixture of mince, pasta and vegetables and dry food, depending on your dog's preferred taste.

  • Continual access to clean fresh water with our automated water system

  • For those staying a week or longer a complimentary wash and towel dry is offered before pick up

  • And to top it all off plenty of love, affection, cuddles and attention any dog could ask for

  • A copy of your C5 vaccination certificate must be presented upon drop off if you have not already emailed this through prior.  Records of your dog's last worming and flea treatment to be supplied.  If you feel your pet isn’t up to date with worm or flea treatment we have treatments available for purchase before checking your dog in.

  • Please ensure your dog has a collar, ideally this will be labelled with their name.  Dogs are to be on a lead at drop off and pick up.

  • You are welcome to bring your dog's favourite toy, blankie and dog rug; however, please ensure they are freshly washed and disinfected and clearly labelled.  We take no responsibility of the condition upon collection and we do not allow bean bag style bedding or stuffed toys.

  • If your pet is a fussy eater and you prefer to bring your own food, you are more than welcome; however, we ask that it is provided in a sealed container in portion sizes and clearly marked with your details as well as feeding instructions.


If you have agreed to our Facebook updates then expect to see photos of your dog enjoying their stay.  We regularly update photos showing the good time being had by all. We can not guarantee that you won't be upset when you see your dog having a holiday of their own and not missing the owners!


No additional charge for playtime - living on the premises makes allocating extra play time for those who need it a breeze.  We understand some dogs require a little more than others and this is a service offered complimentary to ensure your dog has the most enjoyable stay.


We have a grooming service available (see services tab) and for any pet staying longer than a week a complimentary wash and towel dry will be offered before pick up.

Cuddles and kisses are free!!  Your dog will feel just as much love as being at home
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